Thanks for your support of H_NGM_N! We’re a small central nexus but the organization is large - spreading! - because it contains and connects everyone (even you!).

As always, there’s more (much more) waiting to be activated.  This is the only best kind of gateway, a new universe to be explored!



Complete pdf versions of some of our titles…a great reading experience on your screen or iPad.

Matt Hart WOLF FACE —> click here to get it FREE!

William Heyen LORD DRAGONFLY —> click here to get it FREE!

Alexis Orgera MAN O’ WAR —> click here to get it FREE!


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Caroline Cabrera / Flood Bloom Adam Fell / I Am Not a Pioneer • Evan Glasson / Vital Puruits

 Matt Hart / Wolf Face • Ben Kopel / Victory  Alexis Orgera / How Like Foreign Objects • Laurie Saurborn Young / Carnavoria

Nate Pritts / Sweet Nothing • Jennifer H. Fortin / We Lack in Equipment & Control

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Some of our books // insane prices // no shipping.

C.S. Carrier • MANTLE —> $8.00

Matt Hart WOLF FACE —> $7.00

Evan Glasson VITAL PURSUITS —> $7.00

Adam Fell I AM NOT A PIONEER —> $7.00

Paul Violi IN BALTIC CIRCLES —> $7.50

Laurie Saurborn Young CARNAVORIA —> $7.00



Nate Pritts Post Human —> $10.00 [use donate button below]

Nate Pritts • RIGHT NOW MORE THAN EVER —> $10.00

Nate Pritts SWEET NOTHING —> $8.00

Nate Pritts THE WONDERFULL YEARE —> $8.00


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