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Praise for the poetry of Nate Pritts


“Pritts’s world is rich, vivid, intimate, and somewhat troubled.”

Justin Taylor in Poetry


“The flights and whims of Pritts’s imagination hit hardest when he creates a form inside which they can ricochet. […] In these moments, the poems […] arrive at a place of vulnerability and sincerity.”

Publishers Weekly


“The only person more dangerous than a dark-hearted man is a dark-hearted man on a sunny day.”

Melissa Broder in The Rumpus


“At a time when poetry that favors exuberance is approached
with timidity, Nate Pritts attacks, with colloquial speech, our
preconceptions of whether a poem can, in fact, be devoted to
wonder and pleasure.”

Curtis Perdue in Redivider 



drawing by gabrielle bell

Nate Pritts is the author of five previous books of poetry, including The Wonderfull Yeare (Cooper Dillon Books, 2010) & Sweet Nothing (Lowbrow Press, 2011) as well as several chapbooks including No Memorial (Thrush Press).  His reviews & essays can be found in Rain Taxi, Poet’s Market, The Boston Review & PopMatters, among other places.

The founder & editor-in-chief of H_NGM_N, an online journal & small literary press, he lives in upstate New York.







In The Beginning… // Click to read more!

The first poem in your new book is called “Demonstrated Melancholy” …

I fixated on the performative connotation of that word “demonstrated,” which sets the stage for the stage setting at the beginning of the poem. If I could be something besides a poet, I would be an escape artist, a stage magician like Mr. Miracle, but of course that admission speaks volumes about the emotional position of the speaker here!  

Writer’s Spaces Interview // Click to read more!

Tell us about your writing habits and creative process … 

At this point, most of my tics are internal, are invisible habits of mind.  It does seem to me that I write best, or most fluently, either in A) the throes of great emotional uncertainty or distress or B) moments when I’ve transcended my connection to the real solid world of obligations & duties – on a long long drive or while biking around the lake, or in the early mornings while it’s still dark, before expectations or deadlines make themselves known, in the quiet of the house & the street, in the quiet I try hard to nurture in every corner of my being.


The Next Big Thing // Click to read more!

Where did the idea come from for the book?

The book is more of a process than the articulation of a single initiating idea, more an action than anything else.  Though, stepping outside of the book, there are lots of ideas or themes that are explored throughout it – the collision of elements & the noise that impact can make, the unreachable past combined with panic for the future to create a frenetic & discombobulated present, how we decide what to love, & how. 


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