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H_NGM_N is an indpt publisher of books, chapbooks, and an annual journal.

To better acquaint yourself with our aesthetic, please consider thumbing through some of these interviews with founder & editor Nate Pritts.  Browse through the archives of our journal.  Download & read any of our free pdf chapbooks.  Consider purchasing any of our full length titles.

Please note that H_NGM_N, the literary journal, is currently on hiatus and is not accepting submissions. Read below for the most current information about our chapbook and full-length book submissions.


H_NGM_N Books accepts full-length poetry manuscripts during our annual open reading period, November 1st through March 15th.  There is a reading fee, payable through the paypal link below.

$10 - Open Reading Period Submission 

$15 - Open Reading Period Submission + a book of your choice

forward yr paypal receipt & attach yr manuscript (noting yr book choice if applicable), in .doc or .pdf format, to hngmnsubmissions [at] gmail dot com



The portable document format chapbook series publishes up to six chapbooks per year.  However, we accept submissions of poetry & prose year round, with a $5 reading fee.  Decisions are made on a rolling basis & the editor reserves the right to solicit manuscripts at will.  Chapbooks are available for free online in pdf format.

$5 - Chapbook Submission


forward yr paypal receipt & attach yr manuscript in .doc or.pdf format, putting the word “chapbook” in yr subject line, to
hngmnsubmissions [at] gmail dot com