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BOOKS >>>  Evan Glasson.  VITAL PURSUITS.

Get it in print or as an ebook :: 100 pages :: 8” x 5” :: $14.95 





Vital Pursuits is a companionable, engaging, surprising book-length poem, one that is compassionate, subtly strange, and very present in our time. Its main concerns are mortality and the possibility of connection. While the poetry is conversational and clear, the basic technique is montage: rapid movement from one idea or image or event to another. The purpose, however, is thankfully not merely to dazzle or amuse, but to convey emotional states. Most important is a close attention to the power of single words, how they can be used in one way in a certain sentence and then be repurposed in the next to convey an unexpected, yet related, even dangerous or threatening emotion or thought. This is an impressive debut from a true poet whose future work I will wait for with anticipation.

Matthew Zapruder




Evan Glasson’s Vital Pursuits is a book full of action. And traction. It tells us something terrible, and does it strangely, its wordplay lighthearted at first, and then increasingly not a game at all. Full of insight and emotion, references to the canon and quite original vision, Vital Pursuits is a remarkable debut.

Jennifer Michael Hecht





Evan Glasson was born in Providence, RI and lives in Arlington, MA. His poems have appeared in Barrow Street, Hanging Loose, Michigan Quarterly Review, and Poetry East, among others. He holds an MFA from the New School, where he was a Riggio Writing and Democracy Initiative Teaching Fellow. He has worked at the National Book Foundation, and as a high school and college English teacher. In 2008, he received a Travel to the Collections Award from the Smithsonian Institution’s Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation. He co-edits the poetry journal, LEVELER.